Tantra-the way of ecstasy


Though lately there is much spoken and written about Tantra, just a few really know what it means. Tantra is an oriental spiritual system thats main purpose is the unification of the polarities at all levels of the human being. In Tantra the men and the woman are seen as expressions or mirrors of the macrocosmic energies


“Tantra”, basically meaning “woven material, net” could be translated in several other ways such as “consciousness amplifier” for instance. Tantra is neither a religion – such as the term is generally understood - nor a philosophy or a mystical path based upon metaphysical concepts. Tantra is an empirical instrument of the searcher on the path to spiritual accomplishment. Amplifying one’s consciousness, understood as such, includes all aspects of life and within this very frame, Tantra is the only discipline generating a synthesis between the seemingly opposed dimensions of sensory pleasure and ecstasy.


Tantra is the worship of extasy, a spiritual way based more on mystical experience that in inflexible doctrines, how we could misbelief. Tantrics love life totally and learn how to live it in a better way. They are using all senses, the mind and the spirit for reaching the top of mystical experiences.


Tantra is not only the sexuality. First of all, Tantra is an inward spiritual attitude. By ours genuine tantric massages you can discover the ocult world of tantrism, where the sacred sexuality is taking you in the deepness of your soul. The tantric massage is a real path, reserved to the few who have the curiosity and the desire of living it plenary.


Tantra is an ancient teaching that leeds, by the practice, to a new savour and intensity of life ! It’s a genius alternative to the common automatic sexuality, a revolutionary way of living your life!


Tantra is a teaching that can be learned both theoretical and practical, but, first of all, tantra have to be lived. It’s not a limitating practice but, contrariwise, a freedom giving one, wich brings vitality, fulfilled love-life and a cosmic life living.


tantra massage